What is local SEO?

Local SeoWhat is Local SEO & is it Relevant To You?

SEO or search engine optimisation is all about having your website ranking well for particular keywords or phrases to attract a specific target audience to your website in the desire of converting these visitors into customers.

When do you consider using local SEO?

If your website is part of your marketing strategy for a bricks and mortar business.

And that business is at one or more locations and you are servicing clients with the product or service that you offer to this geographic specific area you need to consider Local SEO.

local Seo web pageMany aspects of local SEO are the same as for sites competing nationally or internationally but the geographic component needs to be introduced.
Some aspects of website development and local SEO to consider.
1/ We recommend a domain relevant to your country i.e. Australian businesses should have a .com.au domain.

There may also be a slight benefit in having your geographical target in the domain also. eg www.WarragulAccountingServices.com.au  or ByronBaySurfSchool.com.au

2/ Ensure that you have your contact details on your site’s homepage so that your visitors, whether they be human or search engines realise you are a local business. By the way, do not forget to assess what your call of action is and what you are trying to achieve from your website e.g. Are you wishing the site visitor to ring, to email, or to visit your geographical bricks and mortar location. The visitor to your site should not need to click away to find out these details.

3/ The site needs to mention the geographical areas that you actually service. Make sure you are including towns and suburbs close to your business that you service in the content of your site & URLs

4/ Submit your business to Google maps and create a Google plus page your business. If your business actually has a shop front include the Google map in your contact page as this will assist the site visitor to locate your business.

5/ Standard SEO practice is to include relevant keywords to your ALT of your images. This is an opportunity to once again drop in towns suburbs or states that you service.

6/ Submit your business details including the services that you offer, opening hours (if relevant), address details and your website URL to various well ranked directories.

Check if there are any business associations or professional associations that may be relevant to your business.You can contact SME design to assist in this area.

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Even though a business such as SME Design can actually service clients from any where in Australia or indeed the world we mainly target Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. We are based in Drouin West, Gippsland in Victoria.  But due to the beauty of the internet the websites that we create compete all over the world.

Every 3 months we are in Queensland and the Northern part of New South Wales, particularly Byron Bay and Bangalore to discuss opportunities with local businesses regarding their online marketing strategies.

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