What is Location Based Marketing?

Location Based Marketing and how to succeed.

What is Location Based Marketing, does it actually work and why you as a small/medium business consider it essential.
We hope at this stage your business website has been updated to be compatible with mobile devices. Mobile friendly websiteThis compatibility with mobile devices is desirable and moving into the future it will be considered as essential to avoid losing your ranking in addition to be used by your site visitors.
The search engine Google made an announcement that it would be change their algorithm 21st of April 2015.

This will at first provide an advantage to businesses that already have a website that is mobile friendly.

It really is essential to ask yourself whether your own website is mobile friendly if you do not know the answer we suggest you contact SME Design for a free no obligation consultation.
Secondly have you done your key word research combined with an analysis of your present and desired customer base?

These aspects are essential to have your website targeted to the right people for the right reasons to increase your conversions of visitors to real customers. In this analysis as well as considering demographic aspects of the customer base you need to consider the geographic aspects of your base what is this been achieved you can then develop your online marketing presence target to the geographic demographic segments that you are aiming for.

To conduct Location Based Marketing the business needs to determine the geographic source of  the existing customer base.  Also consider that the desired customer base may be greater than it stands at the moment. Web Site Design Byron Bay Banglow Lennox heads Location Based Marketing

For example if your business is based at Byron Bay determine your geographic  base.

If you believe that your Customers are based from the north –  Brunswick Heads to the South – Lennox Heads and to the West, –  Bangalow make sure you create these locations as important keywords in the creation of your site.

Location Based Marketing

To enable you to be located high in the rankings for these locations. Content such as “we service Byron Bay and the surrounding towns” will not get you found in the surrounding locales. The specific towns that you service need to be named.

The locales you are targeting need to placed in the URL., the meta Tag and in the content itself.

A basic tip for any business that has website is to make use of quality directories such as yelp from TrueLocal and Google + business pages.

What should you make so much effort  with Location Based Marketing?

By providing local consumers the right information on your website Google will ranking higher so you will be found. Recent research conducted by Google as shown that 50% of mobile users will more likely visit a business after submitting a local search.
Seo Website design Pakenham Hallam WarragulSome introductory steps

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  • Submit your details to various quality directories such as Google plus Yelp. TrueLocal and Yellow Pages. There are also other quality directories that it is a good idea to submit your business information to be cautious and do not submit to all directories.
  • Step two consider social media and establish your business profile on Facebook. Facebook undoubtedly has a massive audience and also has a cost effective platform of advertising to a targeted audience. You can factor in demographic geographic and interests. A very cost-effective of promoting any aspect of your business and in our experience has provided immediate and quantifiable benefits.
  • Check to see whether there are any industry specific directories which are very valuable to link from.
  • Consider Location Based Marketing and list your business and web site with any geographically specific directories relevant to your business and the desired customer base.


  • Include videos displaying the features and benefits of your product or service. This is a very good is a SEO technique this was providing a visual representation to your website will enhance the prospect of converting your visitor to a customer.
  •  Do your best to encourage your customers to provide feedback or reviews of your business. We all trust testimonials from real people, particular if they are geographically local. – Location Based Marketing.
  • We have seen some websites that appear to be self obsessed with design features totally forgetting to add value to the visitor. The visitor tha represents the value to you when you convert them to a customer.


Your business telephone number and/or email should be visible above the fold on every page. Your retail business should have the opening hours in a prominent position.

Using the services of a professional writer who is familiar with SEO practices is ideal to assist in ranking your site.

At SME Design 1/2 our time is working on Web Sites that have been created by other companies that we need to get functioning as they should and to be directed to the visitors and customers that you deserve. Location Based Marketing is just one area that we focus on.

We used the example of Byron Bay, Bangalow and Lennox Heads, as SME Design serves business in this region as well as being our favourite place to escape to

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