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About Us

SME Design was created due to demand from local businesses.

Hundartrading.comWe were creating affiliate niche websites competing in the USA market. These kind of website rely on good SEO skills to obtain high amount of organic traffic and the ability to convert those site visitors to customers. Some of our websites create an income stream by being a platform to sell advertising or marketing of products and services on an affiliate basis.

Some of the websites in our portfolio are obtaining almost 100,000 unique visitors per month.

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Award winning website business Warragul
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Local businesses approached SME Design to enhance their online presence.

The local businesses that approached us were seeking more results from their online presence.

Most of these businesses had existing websites that were not performing. We renovate existing sites in addition to creating websites from scratch. Our discussions with you are to understand your business and to have an understanding of what you are seeking from your online presence.

I am from a business development background and marketing rather than an IT background. So I am very results orientated.

We apply Search Engine Optimisation Strategies to increase the revenue of your business. We design your website to enhance the user experience and to increase conversions – from site visitors to customers.

Mark Smith on stage relaying an anecdote with Chriss Smith and Digital Marketing specialist Mat Raad. Obviously we love talking about Digital Marketing, Website Design and SEO

I initially created a couple of sites pro bono for a local sporting association. From there I was approached by some local companies that were having difficulties with the functioning of their existing websites. SME Design has developed rapidly due to offering very much in demand services.

Most businesses of course have websites.

Many businesses have also have also realized that their website is not functioning as it should. In the web design industry we have noticed that websites are being created by graphic designers who have not studied Search Optimization strategies. Search Engine Optimization can assist a business in directing the website to gain relevant traffic to the site.

This is very similar to creating a wonderful brochure but not considering the most appropriate means of  distributing the brochure to the right people/organisations to ensure a Decent Return on Investment (ROI).

Relevant traffic is all about getting potential customers to the website. Once these site visitors are on your site the desire is to convert these site visitors into customers. I have spent many years owning small businesses and am always looking for a return on investment.

Some websites are created by companies that are fascinated by clever and fussy design forgetting about providing the site visitor with a rewarding experience.
Most of our contracts involve the renovation of existing websites or simply to get better results from existing websites.

Sometimes it is a total rebuild of the web site because it is too flawed to fix.

Other times we can renovate and apply SEO strategies to increase traffic to your existing website.

SME Design will also increase the percentage of conversions to the site.

Digital marketing is the promotion of the services you offer. Whether it be a product, an intangible service or to further create awareness of your brand Digital Marketing promotes your offering via one or more forms of electronic media.
Digital Marketing differs from traditional marketing by using channels and methods that enable an organization to plan organise, direct and control marketing campaigns and effectively analyze results.

SME Design has increased in size from a 1 man show into an organisation that works in collaboratively with specialists.

We don’t have an overwhelming desire to increase massively in size as we prefer to keep in touch with our clients on a personal level.

SME Design and the proprietor, Mark Smith is active in supporting community organizations. We allocate some of our resources to assist community organizations with marketing and we are prepared to consider your application. We are supporters of local sporting associations, such as Little Aths and Hockey in the Gippsland  region and supporters of Animals Australia.

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