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 There is something to the saying “content is king” and in the world of the internet without the right kind of content, your website may not be noticed. SEO Search engine Professional writer

Articles, blog posts, product descriptions and all other parts of a website that involve written words are called content.

Content is what attracts visitors to your website but in order for that to happen the content needs to be attractive to search engines.

Search engines do something called ‘crawling’ on websites. Essentially that means a search engine will quickly skim through the pages of a website pulling out relevant details for future indexing.

SME Design can provide you with quality content for your business web site. You can write the bare bones we can flesh it out.

SME Professional Writing Victoria gippslandOne of the main things search engines look for are keywords. Keywords are words and phrases that identify what you website and individual web pages on that website are about.

When a search engine indexes pages from your website it is storing information to provide as answers to visitors on the internet typing in search words.

Think of it as a giant collection of index cards with words and phrases written on them and stored in a massive computer memory.

For example, if you are looking for the nearest car wash you would very likely enter words or phrases like ‘car wash near (name of city)’ and let the search engine find the answer for you. It is also important to keep in mind that if your business has a specific catch area for your customers it is good to be geographically specific with your search terms so once again you are providing relevant information to your customer in addition information to the search engine

The data from indexed pages are what produce these results and the search engine will only give you options that match keywords found on indexed pages. Or in other words, those index cards with ‘car wash near (name of city) will be the only ones displayed for you to explore for additional details.

If you are building a website keyword placement and keyword density will have a great deal to do with how search engines respond.

If your website is for a car wash you’ll want to use keywords such as ‘car wash,’ ‘coin-operated car wash,’ ‘vehicle spray wand,’ and others that hint at what your business is about.

Without proper use of keywords and keyword phrases, your website will suffer which will ultimately have an impact on your business.

This is where a professional writer comes in.

Writers who produce web content know how to format articles so that they are ‘search engine friendly’ and they do this to help your website get noticed.

Professional writers are able to write about your product, using keywords and keyword phrases that make the content flow easily and read naturally. Writing web content is very different to any other kind of creative writing because of how it is used on websites.SME Writing Services Professional writer

The kind of content a professional writer can bring to a web page also adds value to the website.

Not only can a professional writer expertly describe your products or services, they can write believable content that builds trust with your customers.

These writers are skilled in writing about any subject and also conduct their own research when necessary in order to gain well-rounded knowledge about the product or service they will be writing about.

Provide Your Writer With Clear Topic And Content Guidelines

You will be expected to provide your web content writer with some guidelines and a simple breakdown of what you want them to write about for your website. This could be a simple outline stating what the topic is, the target audience, approximate word count and primary/secondary keywords/keyword phrases to use. A professional writer will be able to take your instructions and turn them into quality content for your website.

With quality web content, you are essentially feeding search engines the diet they require in order to function properly. As is the case with any kind of diet, you can’t expect results if you only try it once or twice. This is another valuable service provided by professional writers.

Create Regular Fresh Articles

They can provide you with new, updated content or a steady stream of new articles, with keywords and keyword phrases, so that your website keeps feeding the search engines on a regular basis. This sort of strategy assists your website in many ways but most importantly, aids in earning a higher page rank. Page ranking can make the difference when similar businesses to yours start showing up along with indexed pages from your website in specific searches.

This does not mean you should flood the internet with a high volume of content, either. Regular feedings are recommended, but only of quality content and that is what a professional writer can do for you and your online business.

Seo web page Professional writerA professional writer will also help develop the tone of your website because they will be responsible for giving your online content a voice. Depending on the kind of product you are selling and the kind of website you are developing, a professional writer will play a huge role in how your website content comes across.

If you are looking for serious, informational content or content with a twist of humour the right writer can tailor content to fit whatever style you require.

So when you are looking to hire a professional writer to provide quality content for your website you will want to find one that has at least a basic knowledge of search engine optimization strategies, can produce well-written and interesting to read content, understands marketing and online promotion, can write knowledgeable content about your specific product or service and can produce finished content on time within agreed deadlines.

So when you need to beef up your website with quality content, remember that is precisely what a professional writer can provide you.
After all, content is king!

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