What's the difference between mentoring, consulting and coaching?

The terms coaching, mentoring and consulting are often used interchangeably.  Indeed, these relationships use similar skill sets and objectives in terms of listening and helping others to succeed.

The Mentor is responsible for ensuring that the client understands and acknowledges the differences between mentoring, consulting and coaching.

what is Mentoring Small Business

If you wish to discuss your business ideas whether you are in the early “ideas” stage or wishing to refine your marketing strategies please contact me via the Small Business Mentoring Victoria Website.

I have wide range of business skills developed while working in roles across the retail, digital marketing, wholesale and importing industries, ranging from sales and marketing to property development, importing , and product development.

Please note, once I am contacted and engaged via the Small Business Mentoring Service, ( SBMS )Website I abide by the rules and regulations applicable to their service.

As a mentor I can assist you in creating marketing strategies and assist in general business planning but I cannot do the work myself.

Therefore if I am operating as a mentor I will not create a conflict of interest and provide services outside of the services of a mentor.

To view my profile on Small Business Mentoring Victoria Website please click here.

There are many mentors with a broad background. To view the profiles of other mentors just click on the Menu Tab of the Small Business Mentoring Victoria Website and select an individual with the experience and skill set you are seeking

The role of a mentor

The role of a mentor is to provide:

  • Creativity in thinking and conceptualising
  • Recognition of individuality and a ‘burning passion’
  • Encouragement in ‘making the impossible happen’
  • Facilitation of options, advice and techniques
  • Stretching in order that limits are exceeded beyond the average
  • Sometimes it is simply a good idea to have some one outside of you & your friends and family to assess your business objectively
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What is Mentoring?

The sharing of knowledge, skills and experience by one person with another, in a relationship of trust typically in the immediate work environment, to effectively enable the other person to understand, learn and develop their abilities and enhance their potential in line with their personal objectives so as to assist them in meeting the objectives of the business.*

Small Business Mentoring Service, ( SBMS ) has been operating since 1986 having commenced operations as SCORE (an acronym for “Senior Core of Retired Executives”), to be followed on with the “Executive Counselling Service”, the “Small Business Development Corporation” and to its final incarnation, the “Small Business Mentoring Service, Inc.” Over the past 31 years we have provided over 50,000 mentoring sessions to over 30,000 small businesses.

Provide affordable, high quality business mentoring and support services to SMEs to help them develop their full potential to the benefit of the community. 

SBMS is a nationally registered not-for-profit association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. Its Rules have been approved by the Department of Justice and its affairs are managed by a Board of Directors, which operates under the requirements of the Act and the approved Rules of the Association.

SBMS delivers much of its support through funded programs with the State, Federal and local Governments. In addition SBMS works with business associations, Service Clubs, business Incubators and other business groups (Chambers of Commerce, etc.)

SBMS provides confidential one-on-one mentoring services for –

  • People wishing to start a new business or purchase an existing business,
  • People already in business, who are experiencing problems, or need assistance with planning, budgeting, expansion, diversification etc.

SBMS can also assist clients with referrals to other specialized services.


SBMS will be widely recognised within its target market as an independent volunteer organisation that is the preferred provider of high quality, affordable, mentoring and facilitated advice to Victorian SME’s. SBMS will seek to achieve critical mass so that the organisation can work towards becoming financially self – sustaining.



  • We value the confidentiality of our client relationships.
  • We respect and empathise with the emotion and passion a proprietor brings to their enterprise.
  • We value the opportunity to share our experience, always remembering that we are involved only to help the client achieve their stated objectives.
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