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SME Design has developed a broad range of Websites including Business sites, Information sites, Ecommerce and web sites for Sports clubs and Community Groups. We have developed sites targeting potential customers for a local bricks and mortar business to developing affiliate sites that compete on the USA market

Occasionally we are asked what does SME stand for? Answer  – Small Medium Enterprise.

This is our focus as we are experienced in operating businesses in this space. The proprietor of SME Design, Mark Smith, has purchased businesses and has developed strategies to turn loss making businesses into profitable concerns.

Over the last 6 months 90% of our jobs have been working with clients that have existing websites that are not performing to their expectations. We will perform a site audit and discuss with the client about the client base they are willing to attract and create strategies to gain ranking, therefore an increase in relevant traffic. Then creating the site website to have a high conversion rate.

“You are after clients not just site visitors.”

Our background is in Marketing and Business Development and I am very experienced in managing  and being a proprietor of a small business. Through this experience we treat website deign as a marketing exercise rather than an “I.T.” exercise. This  experience also means we  understand the tribulations of running a small business and the difficulty of promoting a business in a cost effective manner. We are not techie geeks that attempt to mystify everything with jargon.

Focusing on the end goal is exceptionally important, as it is this end goal that drives the desire to excel in customer service.

We acknowledge that a big part of any relationship is communication , so clear communication is integral to business. Just like any industry there is a vocabulary of jargon that has been constructed by individuals that wish to over complicate issues. We promise to demystify and educate our clients so they are in a position to make informed decisions.

“Our philosophy is your website is not a separate entity to your business, but an integral part of your identification and your business branding.”

We have included a sample of our sites on this page. All our web Sites are designed to perform. The Web sites are easy to navigate around and designed to provide a rewarding and satisfying visitor experience. We design the web sites after consultation with our client, always keeping the end goal in mind. The majority of our work is renovating existing websites and providing solutions to all online marketing.

Many websites we establish we hand over to our clients to manage. Therefore they avoid ongoing costs. The downside is it is very likely the website will drop in Google ranking if not attended to. Clients also have a habit of forgetting to update the site which will allow the website to suffer from security vulnerabilities

South East Conveyancing

South East Conveyancing is a actually developed as a lead generating site. This is a brand new website. Even after one month is beginning to outrank Legal Firms for key search terms.
The plan is to rank one the first page for property conveyancing for the South East of Victoria within 12 months

Spider Lee

Spider Lee is a pseudonym for an author of children’s books located in the Gippsland region. The website was to designed to be fun and inviting for children, and as a forum for the author to present her latest works. In this instance SME Design renovated an existing website and provided tuition to the client to update the site in the future.

All the best Spider!

DHF – Drouin Health & Fitness

Drouin Health & Fitness We assisted Ben with updating this local business website.
The Website was not compatible with mobile devices and all details were out of date. It was obvious the site was also exposed to security risks. It was decided a complete website Renovation was the best way option.
The business now ranks as it should. Number One position for Google ranking in its area.
Depending on the market and the geographical area as to how competitive it is to rank for a particular keywords. We do our best to create websites that can be found by Google and more importantly the Website can be found by potential customers.

Air Gun Hub

Airgunhub.com is an Amazon Affiliate site in the Air Gun niche. The site has been developed to compete in the USA market. The site uses various Search optimisation techniques to create organic traffic to the site. To create and sales and Revenue.

Ride-Tek MTA

Ride-Tek MTA our job is to make sure you meet the skills and the legal requirements to obtain your permit or licence, and to ensure that you can ride safely.

We provide courses seven days a week catering for every level of experience. We are confident that our training methods and our instructor skill levels will actually teach you how to ride properly, NOT simply how to pass the test.


West Gippsland Hockey Association (WGHA) is a sporting organisation that is responsible for the development and governance of 4 clubs located in West Gippsland, Victoria. All matches are played at Bell Bird Park, Drouin.

Age Defying Golf!

Agedefyinggolf.com – If you’re an older golfer who has been struggling with your game and becoming frustrated, you have come to the right place. Don’t let those confidence sapping aches and pains that have started affect the quality of your game….

Drouids Hockey Club

Drouids Hockey Club (DHC) is affiliated with Hockey Victoria and is a member club of the West Gippsland Hockey Association. The club attracts participants from Warragul, Drouin, and from all areas of West Gippsland, Victoria. The club fields teams from under 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 men’s & women’s teams. Drouids have players of all abilities, from beginners to those who compete in country championships.
Website design sporting club

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects was developed to gain visitors to the competitive Weight loss market. The website considers the potential side affects of Garcinia. The site competes in the USA market. With SEO strategies this website has significant traffic.

Inversion Table Pros

Inversion Table Pros is a site devloped to gain visitors for the sale of Inversion Tables. Inversion Therapy is useful in assisting in chronic back pain. This website has many reviews of these products which are sold via the Amazon Affiliate program.

Mental Health Seminar

We developed this website quickly for Christopher Roering – Well known Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Psychotherapist.
Chris was establishing some seminars for those who could be suffering from symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.
This is a simple website developed to do a particular job. It can be amended if Chris wishes to continue with these seminars

Website digital

Toby Gillies

Melbourne Meditation Classes. This site is an information website regarding Meditation Classes led by Ordained Tibetan Monk, Toby Gillies. The site was not developed by us. The website was not being found for relevant key words. Therefore it was not performing satisfactorily as a marketing tool. We could assist in Toby with initial SEO, by targeting the site to the desired key words for the site to to be ranked for. It will take more backlinking from desirable authority sites and additional content but it is now heading in the right direction.

This is just a sample of our websites

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