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SME Design Studio is experienced in developing a complete online marketing strategy.
This entails more than simply creating a Web Site.

  • We need to determine what you wish to achieve from your website.
  • We need to determine your target audience and develop a strategy to gain their attention.
  • Your site must be found by the your target audience.
  • The visitor once they are on your site should find the experience satisfying.
  • For example: The site should provide credible information and the site should be is easy to navigate around – Everything should be found within a couple of clicks.

The owner of a Web Site should also be able to answer these questions.

  • What do I wish to achieve from my Website?
  • Is it simply to be found by prospective customers seeking your services?
  • Do we wish to show case our services?
  • What is the desired action that we wish the site visitor to take?
  • How important is our website to rank for Search Engine Rankings?

Any business, large or small needs to be found by prospective customers. The most cost effective way is via a custom made web site. SME Design was created to provide a service to Small & Medium Sized businesses with an effective and efficient solution to your online marketing. We have been known to be of great assistance to community groups. So contact us to discuss what you are looking for.

Online marketing is much more than just a cookie cutter website.

Did you want your site visitor to phone, email, or place an order.
These items may sound obvious but this is something that is often overlooked time and time again.

“Many small businesses believe an online presence is not essential, but consider this.”

The Yellow Pages is a dinosaur.

The Yellow Pages is a true relic that is being used less and less. The Yellow Pages is more to be recycled than to be referred to.

The demise of the hard copy of the Yellow Pages will occur within a couple of years. It will not be cost effective to print.

According to a recent Survey

Q1. How often do you use the print version of the Yellow Pages?

yellow-pages Death

  • 7.69% use it regularly
  • 23.08% once a month
  • 15.38% once a year
  • 53.85% never use it

Q2. How do you search for products and services you’re looking for?

  • 92.86% use
  • 7.14% use Yellow Pages

We have considered providing a neat Website package system so you could chose A, B, or C but we have found every client has different requirements.

Online marketing is much more than just a cookie cutter website.

Entry level website

Perfect for clients seeking to enter the Internet arena, develop online marketing & have limited requirements.

Template design
WordPress Content management system
Up to 5 pages
Contact form
Google location map
On page Search Engine Optimisation
Assistance and Support provided.

Fully featured website

Clients requiring a larger Internet presence that could include marketing and other features.

Custom design
Content management system
Unlimited pages
Contact form
Google location map
On Page Search engine optimisation
Off Page Optimisation
Staff Training
Ongoing support & Updates

eCommerce website

Want to sell your products online? Our eCommerce websites are fully featured and secure.

Custom design
WordPress content management system
Unlimited pages
Fully featured shopping cart
Payment gateway integration
Contact form & Google map
Search engine optimisation
Email marketing
Hosting & support

We develop websites for a broad range of businesses and community groups. Many of the businesses that we perform work for are located in the Gippsland region, including Warragul, Pakenham and Berwick. Some of our major accounts are Melbourne based.

Pakenham Website Design.  –  Do you wish to compete in your local area or a larger geographic territory? This question needs to answered as the SEO strategies will be completely different. Don’t  hesitate to contact SME Design for the first initial consultation.

Even though we can create Websites for clients throughout Australia, the reality the majority of our clients service the South East of Melbourne and Gippsland, Victoria

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