SEO for Small Business

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and includes  strategies involved with helping your website show up at the top of search engine results.

Sounds simple, right?

How hard can it be? Using keywords in your content and adding HTML tags to your website seems easy enough. Good SEO strategies are one of the most cost effective marketing tools available.

Keyword Research Warragul SEO Business

 You have to be found on the internet and being found on page 3 is not good enough.

It all depends on how competitive your industry is and what are the keywords you are wanting to be found for. Even in competitive market segments we are surprised how badly most websites are at being “found”.

SEO for Small Business

 In the Internet marketing world, there is always room for success. There is always room for growth. And, if you are like any other small business out there, you want to grow. In fact growth is essential. Try as we might overheads keep increasing and if you are simply treading water you will eventually go under.

Invest in some real and proven strategies to get your website to appear higher up in local and online searches. Take a look at the following techniques below to help you clean up your site, boost your traffic, and ultimately reap success.

Add Your Contact Information

One of the biggest things that a customer, investor, or prospective business partner will look for when visiting your site is your contact information. Is it relevant and up to date? Is it even on there to begin with? At the very minimum, your contact information should include:

● Business Name
● Physical Address
● Phone Number
● Hours of Operation
● Email Address

You are also strongly encouraged to include photos of your business, as well as an embedded Google Maps image so that customers can visually see where you are located in their local area.

SEO for Small Business

 SEO for Small Business

Benefits of Google Maps

Submitting your business to Google Maps offers you many features than providing directions to your business.

Google Maps assists to create trust with your customers. Particular when you combine it with a strategy to obtain great 5 star reviews.
You can post images of your business and can provide potential customers with the street view image of your business.

Your clients and customers will be excited about about your business even before walking through the doors.

SEO for Small Business – Know How to Use Keywords

You might think you have the hang of keywords already. You may have even over stuffed your content with articles full of them, and you always add meta tags to your web pages. However, if you aren’t seeing a huge drive in traffic, you may be able to do more to use those keywords to your advantage.

It is recommended to use online tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner to see which of your keywords has proven results, and which keywords aren’t really making the cut.

Having not just a good number of keywords, but the right kind of keywords, can bolster your ranking on a search engine results page.

Submit your Business to Online Directories

There are many Australian Business directories that can be used. There may even be some that relate directly to your industry. SME Design can assist you to be listed on valuable directories.

Not only is your relevance rating ranked by keywords and search appearance, but also the quality of  citations you have.

This is especially important for local business growth. Make sure to apply for a thorough directory listing on the big sites like Google and Yellow Pages to really boost your SEO power. Most directories will provide the opportunity to link back from their website. This “backlinking” can assist in the perceived authority of your site. The value of the backlink relates to the authority of the site providing the link.
Most Businesses can Benefit from Social Media
You should not underestimate the power of social media strategizing. Make sure your business makes relevant posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on a consistent basis so you can really get those local ratings into the air.

People will genuinely enjoy your online presence, feeling a stronger connection to you and your product or service. People want to connect with you, they want to feel like you are a real being that is communicating with them. Making those connections is far more powerful than any amount of paid advertisements could ever give you.

Ask for Reviews

If you are looking for a local auto repair shop, would you trust the business with no customer reviews? Wouldn’t you rather go to a shop that has a 5-star rating and hundreds of reviews from local community members? Reviews are hugely impactful tools that you need on your side. Reviews can help increase your search ranking and boost your business in every way possible.

Word spreads quickly from person to person, and building that reputation up in your community is one of the most certain ways to grow your ranking and your success.

Make a Difference in your Local Area

When it comes down to it, gaining local reputation is the most important thing for your small business. If you are looking to increase your traffic, recognition, interactions, and sales, you need to take advantage of the strategies listed above. Remember that the most valuable thing about SEO marketing is that it is completely free. No paid ads required!

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