What Is A Lead Generation Website?

Get High Quality Leads

How Would You Feel If You Could Get More Jobs Now?

What is a lead generation website? A lead generation website connects those customers wanting a service with your professional skills.

You may be asking, what is a lead? A lead is a person wanting a solution to their problem and interested in your business service.

What’s the catch?

What we’re doing is pretty unique and We are often asked “What’s the catch?” 

I’d like to explain a little about our exclusive Lead Generation Services program and who we are.

Why ARE we risking our own money to help you grow your business?

It is very unique. Not many people put their money where their mouth is. But that’s exactly what we’re doing.

We’re going to help you grow your business, pay for the opportunity and we’ll only get paid if we get results.

Sound good?

We Create A Unique Website At No Cost To You

we can get you business leads with our premium services lead generationWe design a website at no cost to you using the targeted search terms customers type into the Google Search Engine. These can be search terms such as “oven repair near me”, “conveyancer Melbourne” or, “best air conditioning installation company” for example.

By naturally engineering positive search results in Google, our lead generation websites naturally attract customers looking for your business.

We work in partnership with you.

We want  to generate leads exclusively to your local business. Urgent leads from customers wanting professional solutions to solve their problem.

The Best Part?

lead generation services to buy leads for local businessThe best part of our lead generation strategies for you? Other than the fact you actually don’t need to do anything…

All phone calls from prospective customers are directed to your exclusive phone number.

Call Tracking Service

We use an exclusive call tracking service. This is how we know what leads have come through our system.

Potential customers calling that that number are automatically diverted to your business number. The call is recorded for quality and coaching purposes.

We give you access to these reports so you can see in real time what specific leads were generated by us. Tracking, monitoring and reporting is important.

The only time we want to get paid, is when you get results. So unless you get enquiries – it costs you nothing.

Chamber of Commerce

That's right

No monthly fees

No expensive Adwords campaigns


Only an agreed on “cost per lead”.  You can upsell, cross sell and keep any ongoing business you get from that client and it doesn’t cost you any extra. Only the agreed on “cost per lead”.

Let Us Work Our Magic

SEO, known as Search Engine Optimisation, is where we work our magic. By strategically using keywords – known as customer search enquiries – within the website, citations and a number of other factors we will send customers who want their problems solved straight to your exclusive phone number.

But I Already Have A Website?

What if you could dominate, not only your local area, but surrounding areas as well?

How would that feel?

We have created lead generation websites for many small business owners who already have a website. Maybe that website isn’t performing, maybe it is.

What they have in common in this increasingly competitive time, is the desire to make their business an outstanding success, feed their family and employees and reduce stress levels.

Who Is Local Lead Generation Best For?

Local lead generation is ideal for those trades businesses wanting additional work, who are expanding and don’t want the stress of website maintenance, costs or the time associated with knowing how to manage a website…

By outsourcing this process to us, the experts, keeping in mind it doesn’t cost you anything until real customers call your phone number, you only have to worry about receiving the call or email.

From there, you can help your prospective client by offering your service, solving their pain point.

We Get Paid When You Get Results

You’ll get more targeted, real sales leads from our innovative techniques compared with traditional promotional methods.

We generate web leads for a set ‘cost per lead’ that works for you and us. We work together for a positive outcome.

Exclusive – No Competition

Areas We Focus On

All our lead generation services are focused on solving customer pain points in the professional trades area.

These types of industries are an outstanding fit for our services.

Our lead generation services have helped these industries grow.

Can we help you grow?

Focus On What You Do Best

You can waste 1000’s of dollars having websites made which fail to convert. Or throw $ at expensive Adwords marketing campaigns that don’t work to bring in targeted new customers.

We have a proven track record at creating online assets that rank highly, and which Google likes. We look after the ever changing marketing needs for you, removing that layer of stress.

You can focus on what you do best.

Apply now to see if your business is a fit for our exclusive leads program.

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