Google Algorithm Update – Threat or Opportunity?

Is the Google Algorithm Update Threat or Opportunity to your business?

Google’s algorithm change came into effect this month. This algorithm amendment will effectively devalue your site if it is not mobile friendly.Mobile friendly website

This will have a dramatic effect to many sites.
So what does that mean for you?
Many established websites that have previously had good rankings will drop in ranking.

This will dramatically affect the likelihood of customers finding your website. Fewer customers means less revenue for your business.
Even recently constructed websites may not be mobile friendly contact SME for us to check this out for you and we will discuss the options with you.

Like many perceived threats in business this amendment to Google’s algorithm represents an opportunity.

What are the opportunities?

1 / if you are a small or medium business or organisation that is prepared to take initiative you will benefit from this Google update. If you renovate your website now you will definitely be a step or two in front of the competition that have difficulty in dealing with change. If you renovate your website now you will increase your rankings. Customers will find you easier than will find your competitors. More customers = more business for you.

2/ it is an excellent time to refresh and renovate your existing site. Up-to-date content is what you need to display to your potential customers. Up-to-date content is what you need to display to the search engines. Good quality relevant content is perceived by the search engines as being positive.

 - Google Algorithm Update - Threat or Opportunity? Website Design SEO Business Gippsland

If you wish to be seen as an authority in your industry you must publish new content regularly. The content in your website must be be relavant to your website and relevant to your site visitors and your potential customers. Publishing contnet for its own sake will create a spam site of little value to anyone.

SME Design can assist in training staff a staff member to update the content of your web buiness algorithm opportunity SEO Victoria It will no longer be an expensive exercise to update your website with great new content.

SME design can even provide a professional writing service you provide what you would like written in point form and we will have an article written by a professional journalist. In any industry we have found that there are changes that are newsworthy.

You may like to provide an article about some recent successes your business has had or any changes to the structure or to the services and/or products that you offer.

Websites that have new quality content are awarded by the search engines. Other images on your site that could also be updated and with the correct know how it is a great opportunity for your site to be effectively SEO’d.
Pakenham SEO, Hallam SEO

It is not hard to turn this threat posed by Google to be a great opportunity for your business to be listed higher in the search engine rankings and to refresh the content and the layout of your website.

Contact SME design and we will provide a free consultation and provide an assessment of your existing website and consider the options with your end goal in mind.

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