Quality Back Links for SEO

SEO is still all about Quality Links.

You’ll notice that some people get deemed as “great link builders.”
Have you ever stopped to wonder what that means?
What kind of links are they building? What strategies are they using? What kinds of links do they build? How does anyone become “good” at link building?
They’re not building web 2.0’s and comment spam, they’re not PBN masters, and they’re not tiered link building experts.

Those strategies are useless now… and only put you at risk of a Google penalty.
No, they build REAL backlinks that actually make an impact on your rankings long-term.
Sustainable links that won’t penalize your site, and instead build a ton of trust authority to it.

Why is link building so important?

Put simply, you have to know how to link build effectively. It goes beyond just niche sites.
A good link builder will always have a way to create income for him/herself. Whether it’s by consulting, being hired as a full-time employee, or growing their own websites/businesses, a good link builder will always be in demand.
It’s what drives the entire SEO industry.

Why? Because it’s what makes a site rank for competitive terms.

BUT………….. it’s difficult. Not many people know how to do it properly. Even some of the most knowledgeable SEO’s out there are NOT good link builders.

• An SEO who sets up PBN’s is not a good link builder. They just know how to utilize a strategy that’s now becoming increasingly difficult to “get away with” and not be penalized.
• An SEO who just buys link packages and ranks for a competitive term is not a good link builder.
• Any SEO who uses a single method to rank a website is typically not a good link builder. Any link builder who has to “cover his/her tracks” is not a good link builder.


PUT SIMPLY, the better/stronger the link, the more difficult it will be to acquire.

Unfortunately, the link building strategies being discussed today in forums only consist of tactics that anyone can emulate for just $5.
These are links that are valuable long-term rather than just effective today, and gone tomorrow.
To build a niche site that lasts long-term we NEED to build links in this way.
But before I get into specific strategies, let’s go over some basics of what good link building is:
There are a few key identifiers which can easily tell you if your link building is effective or not.

Examples of Poor Link Building

[unordered_list style=”red-x”]

  •  scalable / can be automated
  •  identifiable patterns
  • control anchor text

Bad links are scalable… extremely scalable.

You probably know what I mean if you’ve ever looked around Fiverr or the marketplaces within forums.
They sell links in the hundreds and thousands. They’re easily automated with software.
Because they’re so scalable, they also have identifiable patterns which Google’s algorithms are easily able to detect.
The third identifier is a subtle one and is not always the case. However, if you are able to control the anchor text for every link you build, chances are, the tactics you’re involved with will make your site susceptible to being penalized.

Examples of Good Link Building

[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • Not very scalable
  • Iimpossible to automate
  • Few patterns
  • No control over anchor text


Good links, on the other hand, are not scalable at all. They’re impossible to automate with software.
As a result, they don’t contain any dangerous patterns that Google’s algorithms are looking for. (The reason I don’t worry about having my main traffic source rely on Google)
Again, this is not always the case, but a good link will usually mean you don’t have control over the anchor text.
When you build links like this, you don’t have to worry and sweat when Google announces an update. You’ve done everything right.

Put simply, links are all about quality over quantity.

A single powerful link can increase rankings and traffic to a website significantly.
And in today’s SEO landscape, the best type of links to get are editorial links from relevant sites.
That’s no secret. An editorial link from a page that’s relevant to your own page’s content will give you more “link juice” than any other type of link.

What’s an editorial link? It’s a link to your site that someone else places on their own website based on merit.
Links like these aren’t as easy to build as something like a blog comment, obviously since we don’t control the websites that they’re being placed on.
But… there is a simple technique called outreach that can work amazingly well, and give you an endless supply of link prospects to get these types of links from.

If you want to build niche sites that lasts long-term, you NEED to know how to do effective outreach link building.
It’s the only way to build long-lasting businesses out of a niche site. It’s the only link type of link that allows a site to grow stronger over time rather than just die off after a few months.
And it’s easier than you think!

Although there are a lot of moving parts to the strategy, and a ton of different methods you can choose to use, the most basic strategy works like this:

Step 1: Find your link prospect

This is where you find pages related to your site that you want to get links from. There are a lot of ways to find prospects, and the great thing about outreach is that there are endless prospects to get links from.
One of the easiest ways is to run your competitors’ sites into a backlink checker.
That will show you every site that links to them.

Step 2: Reach out

Imagine you ran just 10 competitors into a backlink checker.
Some of them will have thousands of links, but for simplicity’s sake… let’s just say that they each have 100 links.
Now already, that’s 1000 (10×100) link prospects.
Obviously, not all of them are going to be ideal link opportunities, but with that many… you have more than enough to choose and filter from.
That’s just 10 competitors. Even if you went up to page 5 of Google for 3 keywords, that’s 150 competitors you can run into a backlink checker.

Just to give you an idea of all the link opportunities out there waiting for you 🙂

Now all you need to do is reach out to the ideal candidates for a link!
Not everyone will say yes and link to you, but we don’t need everyone to link to us.
Remember, links are about quality, not quantity now.
With the way that we’re building links, and the type of links that we’re getting, just a handful of them are going to have a powerful impact on our site’s rankings.

This is just one outreach method out of a handful that I use personally. But it’s one of my favorites because it just works so darn well!

Links are almost EVERYTHING in SEO.

I was building the same links that everyone else was building: Purchasing link packages off of Warrior Forum, and building weak spammy links like blog comments and web 2.0 links.
It was one of the biggest things holding me back from building a real business online and making a full-time income that I could rely on.
It wasn’t until I shifted my entire link building strategy to using white hat outreach methods that I finally was able to grow my niche sites into a full-time income.

This stuff works, and it works extremely well.

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