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Whether you are providing a service to the whole of Australia or the international market or your business provides a service or product the Pakenham, Officer area in Victoria.

Pakenham Website Design - SME Design Specializing in SEO & Marketing

We can help you with your strategy to target your online presence. No wonder most of our jobs these days are working on existing websites.

We renovate existing websites so it performs.

Who are your customers? What are your customers searching for? Does your business provide a solution to another business or to consumer?

Step 1 is creating your website to rank for the keywords that the business is wanting to be found for.  SME (Small Medium Enterprise ) Design specialises in developing websites from a marketing perspective. This means the site is developed with the end goal in mind.

What are you wanting to achieve from your website?

The website needs to provide a return on your investment. SME Design will design your website to attract the right traffic to your website. After all customers are only customers when the order is placed. The site needs  to create a clear call to action. Whether that call to action is to make an online purchase, send you in email or to gave you a call.

Once you have created a website that is attracting visitors it must be created to convert.

Convert? Just like a retail store our desire is to convert browsers into paying customers.

Does Your Website Convert Lookers Into Buyers?

There is the saying, “you should never judge a book by its cover”. But we understand perceptions are important – research has shown that we have 3 seconds to impress your website visitor before they click away. Do you recall your first job interview? The interviewer was making decisions about you even before you opened your mouth.

Pakenham Website Design

SME Design Studio always keeps your marketing goal in mind. We want website visitors to become buyers.

Websites With Results
Enticing website visitors to become customers is the trademark of effective web design.

SME Design Studio ensures that every feature of your website functionality is customised to be relevant to your customer’s unique needs to provide a seamless onsite experience.

Responsive Mobile-Friendly Websites
The upsurge in popularity of mobile phone usage and portable devices has changed peoples’ expectations about access to information. Potential customers expect to be able to find details on products anywhere, anytime, and on any device. SME Design Studio creates websites that are responsive to multi-device experiences.

As the user switches from their Desktop to laptop to iPad, to mobile, our websites accommodate changes in resolution, image size and scripting.

One Website, Many Devices
SME Design’s responsive web sites don’t need a separate mobile website site. A well designed responsive website will provide a great user-experience across many devices & screen sizes. Search engines like Google prefer responsive web design meaning you will be higher in the rankings.

DIY Content Management
In the era of content creation and SEO, websites need to be continuously updated with fresh and relevant news and stories to attract and engage website visitors. SME Design Studio creates websites that have easy-to-use content management systems which will allow a member of your staff to update or change your website content.

Easy eCommerce
Are you considering using a more customer friendly eCommerce platform to increase profitability? A reliable, high performance eCommerce platform customised to your unique business is essential for making your online business prosper. SME Design’s eCommerce websites that offers features and functionality you’d expect while remaining completely customisable – allowing you to manage your products, customers and online sales with ease.

Pakenham Business Website Design

Pakenham Website Design

Reliable Hosting & Support
We also make sure you’ve got the know-how to get the most of your new website. SME Design provides ongoing support. We provide ongoing online security services
SME Design developers are highly experienced in all Internet related technologies. We develop our websites to be fully responsive.

This means they will display and operate correctly on all browsers, operating systems, desktops, laptops and hand held devices including, iPads, iPods, tablets and smart phones. All our sites are also developed using a back end CMS (content management system) giving you control over the updating of your own website.
Most people believe that once you have built it, the visitors will come.

The fact is that without promotion of the site your prospective customers will not be aware of the existence of your web site and of your business unless you promote your site both online and offline. SME Design has the know how to assist you with website promotion.

SEO simply means getting a website to rank higher on search engine results for the relevant keywords. At SME Design we achieve this by designing, writing and coding your website to enhance the prospect of your site appearing higher in the search engine ranking for a selected key word or phrase.

As we seem to be spending a great deal of time at Pakenham assisting local businesses it would make good sense to rank for the term Pakenham Website Design. Even though we could develop websites for companies that are not local we believe it is always good to have close contact with the business to have a great understanding of their expectations.

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