Why Is Local SEO Important?

Do I really need to bother with SEO?

If you do not pay any attention to Search Engine Optimisation or create any strategy to enhance your online presence, it is a lot like having an unlisted phone number.

Some people will know you exist. Others will not.

Local SEO Important? SEO is imperative.

It very much depends how competitive your niche is as to how much effort needs to go into making your website viable and rank for relevant keywords.

Regardless, how competitve your industry or niche is, it is essential to perform keyword research.

What are the search terms you wish your business website to be found for?

How do you achieve results without spending thousands and thousands of dollars plus hundreds of hours a month working on it?

It is interesting to note that the majority of business websites for local businesses rarely have much attention paid to SEO or for ranking.

We receive many enquiries to either fix existing websites or to create new websites because the websites were simply not performing to the business owners expectations.

Doing right the first time is of course best. But we can increase the traffic and conversions to your existing website.

Local SEO Important?

Just because your business has a website does not mean it will be noticed by Google or be found by potential customers

1 – Be Original In Your Content

Have something original to say. If it is a business website and it is your business, you should already be aware of your Unique Selling Proposition or USP.

Be aware of your USP and promote it and discuss your point of difference on your website.

Never Copy and Paste from another website. Duplicate content does do anyone any good and in fact can be detrimental to Google Ranking.

To be seen as an authority it is wise to have quality relevant content on your website for your visitors as well as the search engines.

Submit relevant, original and fresh content on a regular basis to gain credibility and to be seen as an authority by site visitors as well by the search engines.

2 – Using Guest Posts For Extra Mileage

Guest posting can be an ideal way to gain backlinks to your website. Backlinks from quality relevant websites enhances your authority and you will benfit in website ranking.

3  -Is Clean Website Design Important?

One distinct area where your website can stand out from those of your competitor is the way it looks. Oddly enough, the more appealing the visual is, the stronger the attraction. In other words, a cluttered, messy and clunky website is going to be a reflection of your business. If your business is “clean” and professional, your web presence has to match that.

Slow Websites provide a poor user experience and potential site visitors will “Bounce ” out of your site as they become impatient waiting for the site to download. Ensure all images are optimised and the coding is clean and fast

Keep in mind the majority of searches are conducted on devices that are not PC. Most of the time keeping the website clean and uncluttered is the best course to take for viewing on a mobile device.

Content for local SEO

Are There Free Tools for SEO?

So if you have gotten this far with the changes to your online web presence, good for you!

However, because the shift from dull, cookie-cutter posts to more engaging and personal content has taken place – thanks to demands from online visitors – you need to keep up.

Lucky for you there are no shortage of free online tools to assist with this meaningful task. These tools just need some knowledge to set up.

Need some ideas? There are tools for that.

Need to track what’s working and what’s not?

The favourite tool is tool is Google Analytics. This free tool from Google can answer many of your questions.

How many back links do you have Try SEO Review Tools or smallseotools.com

Once you explore the options, you’ll never be stuck for something to feed those always hungry search engines.

In Conclusion

You’ve heard it countless times before.

Content is King.

Hopefully it is appreciated Content is good quality and  relevant to your niche and industry. The content is original.

Local SEO Important? SEO is essential to get your website seen and to be recognised as an authority in your industry

It is what will separate you and your product from the others and especially apart from your competitor.

SEO gives you that edge but in order to truly capitalize on it, you must know what the search engines use as their primary feed.

Producing regular content will help, but it has to be original, something that does not already exist online. It also has to have relevance to the nature of your business in order to assist with page ranking. Your website also has to be easy to move around in and operate smoothly without delays or any other issue that may turn a visitor away.

The best websites are those that are built and maintained by web developers and not the part-time weekend store clerk.

For more assistance with search engine optimization, contact SME Design for advice.

We can help your business get the attention it deserves online.

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