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Building a Business Website

Steps to Building a Business Website Choosing and registering a web address (domain name) A web address (domain name) identifies your website, not just to the world, but also to search engines. You will add the address to the end of your business emails. A good web address is relevant to your business and is …

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Business website Google ranking SEO

 Why isn’t my business website ranking?   SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a dynamic field – constantly evolving. One of the reasons there is so much value in an experienced SEO professional is because, unlike other technical and marketing fields, there is no standardized academic literature for SEO. The only way to know what really …

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Why Is Local SEO Important?

Do I really need to bother with SEO? There is a simple answer to this, although the process to getting to that answer is rather complicated. When you don’t address local SEO into your online presence, it is a lot like having an unlisted phone number. Some people will know you exist. Others will not. …

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Quality Back Links for SEO

SEO is still all about Quality Links. You’ll notice that some people get deemed as “great link builders.” Have you ever stopped to wonder what that means? What kind of links are they building? What strategies are they using? What kinds of links do they build? How does anyone become “good” at link building? They’re …

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What is Location Based Marketing?

Location Based Marketing and how to succeed. What is Location Based Marketing, does it actually work and why you as a small/medium business consider it essential. We hope at this stage your business website has been updated to be compatible with mobile devices. This compatibility with mobile devices is desirable and moving into the future …

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Business Web Design

Your business, Your customers & The Internet. Today’s customers are becoming increasingly accustomed to the convenience of 24 hour access to businesses, speedy online transactions and easy access to product and service information. So, it is only natural that more and more businesses are using websites and social media to promote and sell their products …

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pakenham website deign

Benefits Of Social Media For Business

Your Business and Social Media Social media impacts on how businesses connect with existing customers and potential clients. It is also re-defining how businesses are marketing and branding themselves. Social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, are continuously encouraging individuals to share content and connect with each other. Businesses have an opportunity to …

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